Patient Reviews

“You are all so so nice.  You all make your patients feel comfortable in person and on the phone.  I never get nervous having work done.  I am never in any pain during or after.  You area great surgeon, my whole family has gone to you.  Thank you.”   Linda R.

“The staff is courteous and concerned for patient comfort and safety. The best place for extractions and implants.”

“Thank you so much for your many years of generosity, caring and compassion with the Donated Dental program.”

“They were clear and upfront about what to expect in terms of payment and the whole process and it went exactly as they said”

“They treated my son’s jaw tumor in the hospital and we had great results. Thank you!”

“I came for a a second opinion and was amazed at their thoroughness and patience. I feel so fortunate to have sought them out…”

“I recovered from my wisdom teeth much faster than I expected. Thank you for making it so easy…”